Christmas Deadlines 2021

by Alex Bell
Christmas Deadlines 2021
Here we go, Christmas Deadlines for 2021!⁠
If you've printed with us before you know we work right up to xmas eve and then do a bit between xmas and new year. last year we reached full capacity earlier than expected. ⁠So try and plan ahead to ensure you're not disappointed.⁠
Please check if you're not sure or have a last minute order etc. We don't have any surcharges. If we need to ship anything for you the couriers may vary delivery schedules so again check-in first to confirm. These dates are for last order with a pickup by 24th December⁠
Rolled Prints - 23rd December⁠
Canvas prints (max size 150cm x100cm) - 20th December⁠
Framed prints (max size 90cm x 60cm) - 20th December⁠
Canvas prints (bigger than 150cm x 100cm) - 17th December⁠
Framed prints (bigger than 90cm x 60cm) - 17th December⁠
All these dates are based on pickup only.⁠
Keep checking our website for current times too.
Both Julieanne and myself are here to help⁠ and hope you have heaps of sales 😉
by Alex Bell


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