Lightroom Export Template

by Alex Bell
Lightroom Export Template

When sending files to me for printing the below specifications are the best to use. If you are unsure on how to resize your files for the correct media and print size then send them at 100% and I will do the rest.

I automatically add gallery wraps to canvas prints so you don't need to worry about them. 

  • 8 Bit (not 16 Bit) RGB (not CMYK). 
  • TIF (or JPG at maximum quality)
  • Flattened images (no layers). 
  • Sized at the correct dimensions. 
  • No additional channels. Embedded working colour space (e.g. Adobe RGB or sRGB). 
  • Compress your files into a ZIP folder before sending 

You can use this Lightroom Template to export your images in the correct format. Just import it on the Export Dialog and you will be good to go.

by Alex Bell


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